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First Baptist Church Gardner Kansas

Loving God and Loving People

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Sunday Morning Bible Classes
(every Sunday morning at 9:30 am)

For Children:

    2's & 3's

           Location:  Nursery (at back of Kramer Center)

           Teachers:  Omera Brown

    4 Year Old's and Kindergarten

           Location:  Basement southeast corner classroom

           Teachers:  Dee Bray, Kristi Bell

    Primary (1st & 2nd Grades)

           Location:  Basement northeast corner classroom

           Teachers:  Marcia Gay,

                                 Stuart Stiles, Solene Hollingshead

    Middler (3rd - 5th Grades)

           Location:  Basement north central classroom

           Teachers:  Lori Artz, Mandy Flageolle

    Junior High (6th - 8th Grades)

           Location:  Basement south central classroom

           Teachers:  Jay Minor, Cindy Smith

    Senior High (9th - 12th Grades)

           Location:  Basement youth room

           Teachers:  Jason Porter, Colleen Kiker

For Adults:


    Young Families

          Studying:  Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines

                    that Shape the Church for Mission

           Location:  Basement northwest corner classroom

           Teachers:  Regan Stoops, Mike Casey,

                                 Bob Marshall


    Alathean Class

          Studying:  Various topics

           Location:  Kramer Center

           Teacher:    Kristine Stuart


    Foundation Class

          Studying:  Exploring the Bible - Hebrews

           Location:  Nelson Hall

           Teacher:    Dave Stuart


    Loyalty Class

          Studying:  Various topics

           Location:  Kramer Center southeast corner classroom

           Teacher:    Garland Hoyt


    Building a Relationship

          Studying:  Exploring the Bible

           Location:  Sanctuary

           Teacher:    Lance Boyd

During the Week

    Tuesday Morning Adult Bible Study

         Time:  10:00 am
         Studying:  The Gospel of Mark
Nelson Hall

    Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Study

         Time:  7:00 pm
         Studying:  Hosea
Nelson Hall