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At FBG, our community is very important to us. We feel that our call is to do good for our community in the name of Jesus. It is because of that call that we are always seeking to find ways to serve Gardner. It’s that belief that also fuels our desire to show love to our neighbors all around us.

Thanks to the blessing of our building, we have resources that we like to share with our community. We try to open our doors to welcome groups looking to do good for people in Gardner. We currently host blood drives, Strengthening Families meetings, homeschool gatherings, and Boy Scouts. This is a part of our ministry to our community.

We love to invite our community to fun, safe, and meaningful events. We go all out for our Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, and Block Parties; and we are working on many new ways to host our neighbors and celebrate life together. Keep an eye out for new events at FBG.

We are excited about working together with others in our community to do good. We are involved in the Gardner/Edgerton Chamber of Commerce, love serving through clean-up projects at the parks, and have much more service to Gardner in store. It is important to us at First Baptist Church of Gardner that we use our gifts for the good of our community so we can show and tell God’s love to all those around us. Our efforts will continue to grow toward that vision.

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